Benefits of becoming a Certified Professional Coach, Part 1

Coaching is a fast-growing industry and many “coaches” go in to business without training. The benefit to these coaches is that they can hang out a shingle and start working – been there and done that! So why bother with training? Consider the risks and the benefits in this blog series. Start with the risks.

Risks of Not Getting Trained:

* Consulting and calling it coaching
* Providing counseling or therapy without the required training and licensure
* Focus on giving advice instead of coaching
* Focus on building your business instead of on professional development for quality
* Limit possibilities for the client because of a lack of skills and tools to serve the client

Risks of Training:

* Quality of the training – hundreds of programs make it a challenge to know if a course is any good
* Expense of training –
o Some programs cost little: is it worth it?
o Some cost a small fortune: is it worth it?

Professionals focus on developing their knowledge base, skills, and expertise. Consider Accountants, Attorneys, Doctors, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Teachers, etc. Each pursues training in their field and each continues their professional development with mandatory requirements for continuing education. Coaching is free of the requirements, which means each coach is free to choose their own level of training.

What level of training do you think is appropriate for coaches?

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