Coaching for Small Business Success

Addiction Coaching

Small business owners may or may not be aware of the single most powerful tool for supporting them in building their business to the level of success they want.  The good news is word is spreading and increasingly entrepreneurs are seeking coaching.  

From Huffington Post ( Happens Without Business Coaching – Starting and growing a business is not impossible without the assistance of a strategic coach, but it is certainly more difficult to grow it alone.

From the Alternative Board ( “Business owners see the value in retaining a business coach both in a healthy business climate and an unhealthy one,” says TAB Vice President David Scarola. “The question isn’t when do you need a business coach, but what do you need it for.”

From the guardian ( “Coaching can be critical to the survival of the early days, and similarly during the growth phase, especially for high-growth businesses. It shortens the decision-making process, enabling action to be taken much sooner – a key to survival in a fast-moving entrepreneur world. By increasing the business owners’ confidence and their professionalism in the way that they conduct business, it has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and, ultimately, business growth.”

The implication is clear: having a coach makes sense!  Why? Because a coach supports small business owners be efficient and effective with their time, to enhance their communication which improves results, and to focus on their objectives and strategies that move them forward.

Entrepreneurs want a coach that understands what it means to be a successful entrepreneur because of relevant experience.  Additionally, seeking a coach that has the coach training or coaching certification to demonstrate their skill and their professionalism makes sense.

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