How You Can Boost Team Morale as An Executive

Isabella Goode

By Isabella Goode Goode

As an executive, there are things that you can do to further ensure that your employees are doing okay during such a challenging time. When team morale is running low, it is crucial to do what you can to ensure that emotions and motivation are high. Furthermore, with the topic of mental health and well-being prevalent in the mainstream news media, it is essential to ensure that your broader workforce is looking after themselves.

Team morale is vital to the workings of a business, and numerous factors – including the work environment, and how valued an employee feels – can impact an employee’s enthusiasm. As an executive in a business, do what you can to ensure that the morale stays high.

A handy list of ways that you can boost team morale as an executive follows. Go forth with the confidence that you will be making a difference and read on for more!

Talking with Your Employees

While it seems relatively simple, it is something that can make a world of difference. Whether you choose to host a group meeting or opt for the more intimate one-to-one discussions with your employees, conversations provide a good opportunity to find out just how your employees are doing.

While group discussions are suitable for going over fewer personal issues that people are experiencing, by having regular one-to-one meetings with your employees you are providing them with a safe space to get things off their chest.  This is ideal if any of your employees are going through a tough time outside the workplace.

By talking with your employees about how they are handling things, and getting feedback on factors within the workplace, you are sure to be lifting their moods and boosting the team morale while at it.

Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises play a vital role in the workings of business and ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. Team building invites employees to have time getting to know one another in a different environment. By forming and building working relationships with one another, and in a fun and engaging way, morale is soon to be on the upwards trajectory!

While the pandemic has put the usual work socials on pause, and with most people turning to the virtual world for these types of events and activities, there are options. For those executives reading this who prefer to hold in-person socials, consider using the services of businesses like Team Tactics.

They provide companies like your own with socially distanced team building activities. From orienteering and treasure hunts, through to outdoor team building, there are multiple possibilities to choose from! To find out how you can make something like this work for your business and check out the broader range of activities available, head to the website.   

Recognition and Rewards

Everyone enjoys being recognised for the hard work that they are putting in, and this is even more true when working from home. By identifying and rewarding team members who have excelled in the latest quarter, or who have grown in their role, you are sure to be boosting the morale of the wider team.

Small Business Chronicle reports that 79% of employees who feel valued and recognised for their hard work are said to be more productive than those who are not. You will have happier employees, and a higher level of productivity, the perfect formula for a more productive workforce.

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