3 Reasons for a Coaching Niche 1 of 3

In a blog series last year I shared considerations for defining a coaching niche. Let’s revisit the topic with a focus on reasons to niche. Many coaches hesitate to define a niche. Reasons range from not knowing what niche works for them to a fear of being narrowly defined and limiting their potential client base.

Does it make a difference? Many coaches without a niche are successful; many more coaches without a niche struggle and never quite make it. Then again, coaches that choose the ‘wrong’ niche or a niche that is of little interest struggle too. This blog series discusses reasons for niches as a coach, including marketing, value to the client, and coaching practice operations.

A large percentage of coaches do not develop a viable business. What are primary reasons? Many don’t have a coach themselves, and most shy away from marketing. Ultimately, like any business, developing business expertise and effective marketing are fundamental to success. For people to find you, marketing is essential. Now you have a choice: randomly market to everyone, or develop expertise and target your marketing to the people that want what you offer (define your niche).

Deciding your niche creates a focus on serving your ideal client, a specific market. It requires knowing your market, what they read, what their interests are online, and where they go routinely. It also makes developing and implementing your marketing plan exponentially easier. Additionally, the marketing you do will be designed specifically for your niche; the message will be naturally appealing and create interest in becoming a coaching client. Coaching clients appreciate knowing they are your ideal client.

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