Hallmarks of a Great Coach: 2. Present

Hallmarks of a Great Coach: 2. Present

After being prepared, the first hallmark of a great coach, comes the hallmark of being present.

  1. Present

Dictionary.com defines present as: noting an action or state occurring at the moment of speaking. In coaching it involves being the real you, being clear, and being aware.

  1. Authenticity

Authenticity – being the real you –starts in coaching with being straight-forward about your knowledge and competency. It also means showing up for sessions authentically as the real you so that you are free to focus on the client. Being authentic encourages authenticity and invites trust. This creates a comfortable space for the client, and supports their progress and success.

  1. Clarity

Say what you mean so your words count. A coach’s skill with communication is one of their biggest assets.  It demonstrates quality, reliability, and performance – the very foundations of any coaching career.  First, if you promise something, deliver.  Second, make positive, proactive language a habit and a norm. Be succinct and respectful in how you say what you say. Clarity includes transparency, language that means what you intend, and being forthright.

  1. Focus

Hallmarks of a Great Coach: 2. PresentBe aware – ready and focused so that as a coach you are providing a top quality service each time, every time. Coaching fees are for the quality of the coach rather than the literature behind coaching. Therefore it is imperative that you bring your A-game to every session. This means taking care of yourself – be well nourished, well rested, well prepared, and well balanced so that when coaching you are focused on the client.  A great coach completely lets go of their own ideas and is present to the client, dancing in the moment, with a total awareness of the client.

Building on prepared and present, the next blog expands with the hallmark of purposeful.


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