Group Coaching Enhances Opportunities

Group Coaching Enhances Opportunities

What is the potential?  In addition to group or team coaching serving clients well, it is a smart business move because it adds to the options and grows your client base as a coach. Group Coaching Enhances Opportunities

The pros of hearing multiple ideas, sharing common challenges and focus, plus being cost effective are great for clients.

For a coach it is a business builder – some clients will start with a group and then add individual sessions, plus it is another package – group and individual – that can be offered.

Group coaching is an amazing opportunity based on the niche of the coach.  For example:

  • A career coach is smart to offer a package of individual and group sessions with the groups focused on common areas of interest or effort such as job search strategies, networking, confidence, or interviewing.
  • A life coach may offer groups focused on managing ADD, relationships, or transitioning into retirement.
  • An executive coach may offer a master mind group for executives from different organizations or for leadership development.
  • A business coach may offer groups to small business owners wherein they focus on challenges, growth strategies, or succession planning.
  • A wellness coach may offer group sessions focused on nutrition, exercise, or wellness.

Get creative!  What focus is common amongst your clients?  Build a group around what they want to explore.


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