Group or Team Coaching – A Smart Opportunity

Group or Team Coaching - A Smart Opportunity

One of the most common areas of feedback following the Certified Master Coach or Certified Coach Specialist programs is how excited people are by the potential of adding group or team coaching to their service offerings.  Typically, this is accompanied by comments on how unexpected the outcome was as they hadn’t thought about it as a possibility. Group or Team Coaching - A Smart Opportunity

What was the previous hesitation behind offering group or team coaching?  Some say they were unsure of how to manage multiple people and others say they were unsure of the value.  Some were unaware of how it applies.  After they participate in and lead sessions, they are hooked.  Group or team coaching becomes a positive game-changer in their work.

What is group or team coaching?  Groups are people whose common interest brings them together whereas a team is people who are working on a shared objective.

Coaches working in organizations often offer both team and individual coaching.  Team coaching may involve working with a team focused on a project, how they function, their relationships, or designing processes.

Group coaching also occurs in organizations.  The difference is that in a group each person is working on their own goals and those personal goals are similar.  For example, the group may be high potential individuals working on their leadership skills.

Group and team coaching are high growth areas.  The Center for Coaching Certification offers free group coaching for coaches each week – email to learn how you can participate.


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