Graduates of Center for Coaching Certification – Get Published!

One challenge to establishing credibility is producing content.  An excellent process for both learning to write for publication and being published is offered to all graduates of coach training programs at the Center for Coaching Certification.

Each year the Center for Coaching Certification (CCC) publishes a book in the Coaching Perspectives series. The chapters are written by graduates of the coaching certification programs.

For 2018 the book Coaching Perspectives VIII the Center for Coaching Certification is now inviting emails to be a coach author – act fast!

To be a published author:

  1. Choose a topic that demonstrates your expertise in an area of interest for your ideal coaching client.
  2. Write at least three learning outcomes for your chapter.
  3. Email this information to .

Each chapter is 3500 to 4500 words.  All coach authors will be on teams and share their drafts with each other for feedback.  Start working on an email to be included and your draft now!

After you are published in the book, you will have the opportunity to purchase copies based on the cost to print and can then sell them at the retail price.

In the book copyright, each author is granted the right to use their chapter.  This means that after publication, you will be able to use it as a white paper, can publish it in a blog series, or you can expand on it and write a full book independently.

Start working on an email to be included and your draft now!

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