Rapport = #1 Indicator of Coaching Success

Rapport = #1 Indicator of Coaching Success

Rapport is a harmonious interaction and connection between the coach and client.  Rapport is the #1 indicator of success for a coaching relationship. Rapport = #1 Indicator of Coaching Success

About Rapport:

  • Rapport starts with an agreement and Code of Ethics and built on with coaching competence plus understanding and trust.
  • Rapport is developed through the coach understanding the client’s style and adjusting to the client.
  • To maintain rapport, the coach demonstrates respect through language and demeanor.
  • The coach earns the client’s trust by giving trust and being trustworthy.
  • One of the greatest indicators of coaching effectiveness is the relationship and rapport.
  • When there is rapport, a client is comfortable openly communicating and exploring possibilities.
  • Where there is rapport, a coach may probe and clarify effectively.

Considerations for Rapport:

  • Be open and accepting of differences.
  • Build rapport by developing and using the skill to recognize client style and preferences and then adjusting.
  • Develop the ability to adjust your coaching based on what serves the client.


  • Choose training that teaches how to identify different styles in the moment and adjust accordingly.
  • Choose training that teaches styles preferences and needs.
  • Focus on understanding the client and earning trust to develop rapport.

As a coach, when you are trained and accountable to ethics, take time to establish the coaching agreement, and care to understand the client so you adjust the coaching to them, you have the foundation in place to develop rapport.


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