Establishing Trust with a Resistant Employee

When the client (read the blog from Monday for details) is angry and resentful about coaching it calls for a skilled approach.  After listening to a client vent and asking them what they want only to learn the client is convinced there is no choice, a coach does have options.  One possibility is is to simply ask them, “If you did have a choice, what would it be?”  Alternatively, the coach can start at the beginning and explain that the reason they are there is to create opportunity for choices and to share the Code of Ethics because it explains confidentiality.

In the scenario described in the previous blog, the coach did just that – stated that they were there because the company wanted to keep the employee.  The employee was surprised, then disbelieving, and then cried.  The coach again gave them space to process.

When the employee was ready, the coach explained the coaching agreement and the Code of Ethics.  The coach took the time to ensure the employee understood that while the company was paying for the coaching, their confidentiality was protected.  The employee asked why the company was paying for a coach, and the coach shared that the company knew the employee’s performance had been excellent and believed it would be again.

The employee agreed to the coaching process.  In the next blog, read about the process moving forward.

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