Divorce Coaching

When going through a divorce, the changes to immediate family and living arrangements and even budgeting are well-recognized.  Beyond this there are changes to the social life, connections within any faith-based community, relationships with extended family, individual confidence, and of course emotional well-being.  While as a coach, there are a multitude of challenges to recognize and address, coaching does provide a positive process for focusing on the future.

What are effective approaches to divorce coaching?  Because of the extent of changes after a divorce, exploring goals in all areas makes sense.  At the Center for Coaching Certification, coaches ask clients what they want and probe for specific goals in six categories: Personal, Relationships, Career, Financial, Health, and Lifestyle.  Considering each of these makes sense following a divorce and empowers the coaching client to focus on their future.

Coaching involves change and Certified Professional Coaches provide clients with a tool for creating the focus and habits the coaching client wants to support achieving their goals.

As coaching progresses, the client chooses which goals are their highest priority.  Coaching then focuses on developing a strategy to achieve results.  The coaching process ensures meaningful progress and builds confidence.

What are the special considerations for a coach when their client is going through a divorce?

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