Is coach training required to be a coach?

coach training

Does it matter if I have training?  Consider this: if you’re coaching without training, how do you know if you’re doing it correctly?  Your client may not know the difference, and without training, the client may not be getting what they want or deserve.  Another thought: If you go see an accountant, does it matter to you if they have training? Do you want a therapist, attorney, or financial planner to have training?  Just as with any profession, offering your services as a coach calls for the appropriate training to be a coach.  If you’re good at what you do, then coaching certification training brings you to the appropriate standard. coach training

What will you learn during coach training?  Coach training will expose you to and make you aware of the coaching Code of Ethics.  Coach training shows you the concepts of coaching, develops your coaching techniques, and provides tools that enhance your coaching work.  The great news is that coach training offers various ways of communicating, working with different personal styles, and insights for goal setting, motivation, and accountability.

If I get training, are there professionals organizations I can join?  Yes.  The International Coach Federation(ICF) is the largest global organization for professional coaches.  Individuals who belong have completed required coach training hours and are accountable to the Code of Ethics.  Earning a credential with the ICF means the professional coach demonstrates knowledge and application of 11 Core Competencies of coaching.

The Center for Coaching Certification(CCC) offers multiple coach training programs and each has been approved by the ICF.  This means the programs teach the ICF’s 11 Core Competencies and the Code of Ethics.  CCC also offers advanced training and mentor coaching for those who want to specialize as well as to take their coaching practice to a higher level.

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