Self-directed Study for Coaching Competency

7K0A9914One fun, inexpensive way to further develop coaching competencies is self-directed study.  There are a myriad of resources available to support ongoing learning.

Coaching is the second-fastest growing industry in the world and the number of books on coaching is growing fast too.  In this blog we often review books.  (Please share your reviews of books for publication here too!)  For example, recently we reviewed “Seven Steps to Effective Executive Coaching” and found it of definite value for coaches.  The Center for Coaching Certification publishes one book each year, “Coaching Perspectives”, with chapters written by coaches who have completed the coach training.  It provides excellent insights and is a powerful tool for self-directed study.

Blogs abound on the internet and of course offer much in terms of insights and learning.  (Yes, we work hard to earn your good opinion with this blog so let us know what you think!)  Simply get online and do a search for blogs.  When you find insightful posts, make a comment and share the links.

Articles online and in publications offer a broader perspective on coaching topics.  Websites provide excellent content on their pages in addition to articles.  The International Coach Federation publishes articles on their website at  The American Society for Training and Development, ASTD, includes coaching as a content area so visit for more articles.  Of course these are just a few examples from the many organizations engaged in providing information on coaching.

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