Considered Creativity Coaching

Considered Creativity Coaching

What makes a coach standout as a coach?  Many think about brand and niche.  For those who completed the Certified Professional Coach program, of note is the power of that process.  Specifically, when we place graduates into coaching engagements with the organizations we serve, we are finding that the coaches using the opening session and session two from the CPC class experience greater success and increased likelihood of the engagement being continued or extended. Considered Creativity Coaching

What is behind this?  Consider first how it ties directly to the coaching core competencies, CC.

CC 1, Demonstrates Ethical Practice, specifically calls on coaches to be sensitive to the client’s identity, environment, experiences, values, and beliefs.  It talks about using language appropriate to the client.  The opening session is ideal for getting to know your client and learning about them so that you are in a position to incorporate this competency.

CC 3, Establishes and Maintains Agreements, calls for asking the client their focus.  In the opening session the client gains clarity and is empowered to choose priorities.

CC 4, Cultivates Trust and Safety, includes understanding and respecting the client and showing support.  Through the process of the opening session and session two this is clearly developed and incorporated.  The level of rapport created within these first two sessions is greater than that developed over 6 to 12 months without this process.

CC 5 Maintains Presence and CC 6 Listens Actively are clearly demonstrated through the opening session and session two from the CPC program.

CC 7 Evokes Awareness and CC 8 Facilitates Client Growth occur naturally with the opening session and session two from the CPC program.

The process of the big picture exploration and the tool that supports client confidence, focus, and motivation from the CPC program is a unique, consider approach supporting creativity in coaching, and a powerful tool for CPC graduates.


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