Coaching Professionals and ICF

In the last two blog posts the importance of a coaching culture and of coaching skills for leaders clarified the value of coach training for many working professionals.  Now consider it for the professional coach.  Coaching is a self-regulated profession and at the forefront of this is the International Coaching Federation, the ICF.  The ICF requires members to have 60 hours of training and to be accountable to the Code of Ethics.

Coaching as a profession is going the route of so many other professions wherein it will either successfully self-regulate or government will step in and regulate it.  For those offering coaching services, it makes sense to be a member of the ICF.  For those hiring a coach, it makes sense to require ICF membership.

Membership in the ICF calls for a higher level of training.  This is true of most professions.  Skill in teaching benefits many while teachers have a higher level of training.  Skill in financial planning serves everyone and financial planners have a higher level of training.  First aid skills benefit all and medical professionals have a higher level of training.  Experience enhances knowledge in whatever you do and training hones expertise.

Coaching is improved and coaching clients are better served when professional coaches have appropriate training.  As a profession, coaching is more credible when coaching professionals are members of the ICF.

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