Self-evaluation of Coaching Competencies


studyPrior to beginning a coach training program, it is a good idea to review the Core Competencies of a coach published by the International Coaching Federation, ICF.  At the Center of Coaching Certification a copy is sent to all participants in the training program and it has notes on where in the program each competency is developed.  The first homework assignment includes writing about which of the competencies are strengths and which are areas to develop.

Reading about and reflecting on each competency along with considering one’s own skills serves multiple purposes.  The awareness of strengths builds confidence and supports intentionally utilizing those strengths.  By choosing competencies to develop the training process is enhanced because a clear purpose is defined.

Whether trained or just entering a training program, developing a process to consistently rate yourself as a coach on the competencies is empowering.  For example, a simple scale to start with followed by an explanation of the reasons for the rating.  A simple scale may be 1 = strong, 2 = good, 3 = area to develop.  Then, explain by giving examples of how the skill has been developed, feedback received, or the awareness of this being outside current expertise.

As a professional coach it is a good idea to evaluate your own competencies periodically so that you are aware, maintain skills, and further develop your abilities.

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