Go For YOU, Go To YOU

Paul Kawkabany

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Paul Kawkabany

I was wondering a lot about what it means to be a coach. Then, in August and September, I linked up with 11 other trainees in a virtual class through Zoom called Certified Professional Coach.  The presence of other colleagues from the Western world was very wonderful; it helped me a lot.  I will quickly start by introducing myself – I am Paul Kawkabany and I am from Lebanon.  I graduated from the Lebanese University with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and I am committed to non-governmental, non-profit organizations.  I help people by providing mental health services to them for free.

I remember well the meeting that took place between me and my coach Cathy Liska before the start of the training period, and it was a fruitful meeting.  I explored my strong value around training and coaching, and how it is possible to continue until I become a trainer for coaches.  I want to share my experience in the Certified Professional Coach, CPC, class.  The class helped me a lot, and in ways that I did not expect.  Cathy, our trainer, showed great professionalism and was a listening ear.  She helped me and guided me.  Cathy was smiling and cheerful; she was attentive and actively listening to every word that was said in the class and every experience we shared.  In addition to having more than great colleagues, this helped me a lot.

The training is divided into two main parts: classes (6 sessions of 90 minutes each and assignments related to the first five) and the practicum (4 meetings for 4 hours each in which we practiced what we learned in coaching sessions in addition to completing “magical homework”, coach evaluations, and a case study).

Someone may ask me, how did I benefit during and after the training?  My choice of the title was not by chance or out of absurdity; it was based on my experience.  I was able to summarize my experience through these six words: Go for you, go to you.  Coaching does not mean that I go and search for desires outside of me, or far from me.  On the contrary, the desires are within me.  Coaching is, according to the ICF, “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”  This indicates the development and deeper understanding of everything that moves me towards my goals – an understanding of myself and my desires. The great thing about all of this is that it requires little effort from me though sufficient effort to understand my goals. Indeed, the training helped me to enter my heart and go towards myself and for myself.

Have the courage to take this very interesting adventure because you will discover great things and you will start to realize your dreams. If you ask me what the most beautiful thing is and how I benefited, I will simply say “everything” from the coach to my colleagues to the technology used, the content, and of course the reports. All in all, I invite you to embark on this very interesting adventure.

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