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Coaching for Inspiration with Patti

Coaching for Inspiration with Patti

1. What’s your coaching business name? Coaching for Inspiration with Patti

2. What is your niche? Personal, Business and Leadership Coaching for Purpose and Confidence

3. What is your favorite success story? The client was going through some tough times in her life and was ready to give up on her goals and aspirations. As her coach I provided support through words of encouragement, positive reinforcement, and tough words at times, which gave her the confidence to go after what she truly wanted in life. She stayed in college and earned her bachelor degree, she learned how to balance family life, and was promoted to a position that was more in line to her career goals. She listens with her heart, continues to pursue her dreams and believes in herself.

4. What motivates you? When coaching a client and hearing them talk it out and realize they have come up with the solution or the next action step to get to where they want. Seeing the smile and joy radiate on their faces when they have accomplished their goal or what they wanted in life!

5. What is something unique about your coaching? My coaching environment may consist of coaching clients in the outdoors to get away from the regular office settings. Being outdoors has a calming and relaxing effect on the coaching experience. All of my blog posts contain outdoors photographs which I have personally taken. These photographs give visual inspiration to the readers. My coaching style is to coach the whole person from personal to business. I encourage my clients to journal for self-reflection, stress release and brain storming in all aspects of their life. By incorporating my experience of supervisory and leadership skills this provides support for my clients with any type of leadership challenges. Coaching may involve working with individuals through one on one session and/or with group coaching.

My life is what I coach. This is what sets me apart from other coaches. I have lived what my clients are experiencing. Through my experience as being a supervisor for over 20 plus years, I know how it is to be a leader, the struggles, challenges, satisfaction of the position, and why leaders truly require balance in their personal, business and work life. Without balance something suffers, whether it is relationships at home, in the workplace or in business dealings. Through thought-provoking powerful questions this awakens passion, enthusiasm and motivation. When a client believes they have found a solution whether in their personal, business or leadership circumstance, they will be encouraged to set their focus towards pursuing it and resolving it.

These are the reasons I became a professional coach; to help people follow their heart, use their talents and to live a purposeful fulfilling life. All of these qualities are what makes my coaching unique and inspiring.

Coaching for Inspiration with Patti

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