Trifecta Coaching, Inc.


1. What’s your coaching business name? Trifecta Coaching Inc

2. What is your niche? Working with women in corporate America looking to advance their leadership skills or fire their boss and create a business they love.

3. What is your favorite success story? Working with a group of single mothers who came to me hopeless and feeling as if there were no options. They are all now business owners, 2 of which are making six-figures in their business.They made it from poverty to being able to provide a better life for their families.

4. What motivates you? Success for my clients motivates me.

5. What is something unique about your coaching? My hands-on real life approach. I accept no nonsense or self doubt from my clients I work with them to truly motivate and inspire them to own their success.Trifecta_Coaching_Inc

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