Coaching Competencies Work Together

coaching competencies work together

From within this series of blogs on coaching competencies are insights on how the competencies support one another and in fact work hand-in-hand.

For example, the competencies of ethics and agreement work together:

  • According to the Code of Ethics a written agreement is called for because it ensures clarity.
  • When you are finalizing your coaching agreement, go through the Code of Ethics to ensure you cover the applicable points.

The competencies of ethics and listening are foundational to the competency of establishing trust.

Coaching presence, as a competency, in turn supports the competencies of listening and powerful questioning:

  • A coach that is present is also aware of how to flex their pace and language to the individual client. With this presence the coach truly hears and understands the client and thus effectively asks powerful questions.

The competency of listening is built with the competency of presence:

  • Listening means being present and listening with the intention of really hearing and understandicoaching competencies work togetherng.

The competency of clear, direct language supports trust because of the inherent honesty. Language supports planning, goal setting, and actions steps plus the subsequent accountability:

  • Say what you want it to be and use conviction with words.

The competency of powerful questioning calls for competency with

– clear direct language:

  • Ask short, simple questions.
  • presence
  • Ask questions with words that work for the person being asked.

and in turn supports awareness, planning, goal setting, and action steps:

  • Ask questions that invite thinking out loud and brainstorming.

Awareness opens the door for planning and goal setting which in turn calls for action steps and the subsequent accountability.

The Core Competencies all work together and the combined application is coaching.


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