Coaching Supports Accountability

Career Coach Experience

Working with a coach is for the purpose of creating meaningful change. Change takes time and work. Thus it is valuable that a coach serves as an accountability partner for the client so that they continue their efforts for forward progress to create the change over time.

During coaching sessions, the coach asks the client what they want to accomplish – their goals. The coach asks the client how they will accomplish it – their action steps and timeline. The coach works with the client on their plan. Then in subsequent coaching sessions, the coach asks the client how they are dCoaching Supports Accountabilityoing with their action steps.

When the client is completing their action steps, the coach celebrates with them. The coach supports continued motivation of the client by exploring the benefits for the client from their efforts. If a client did not complete something, the coach kindly asks about the obstacles and how the client will move forward.

A coach is an accountability partner and this means they check with the client on their follow-through. The coach accountability partner also takes time to recognize the client’s progress and success. The coach accountability partner ensures self-acknowledgement because it is the internal motivation that creates the long-term change.


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