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Moving Past Limiting Beliefs

Moving Past Limiting Beliefs

How can you move past limiting beliefs and move forward to a powerful vantage point in life? Moving Past Limiting Beliefs

Saying the opposite of your negative beliefs in positive language will help you move forward.  Coaches are trained to ask questions to help develop this habit.  Negative messages are out there, and come from ourselves, others, and the media.  Examples of changing the negative to the positive include:

  • “I’m lazy today and haven’t done anything!” to “I’m doing positive self-care today that will benefit me and my family in the long run.”
  • “I’m worthless.” to “I’m precious (and think about the how you are precious).”
  • “I’m a failure.” to “My successes include… (and insert several successes here).”

Positive affirmations are a brilliant tool for moving past limiting beliefs. The coaches trained at the Center for Coaching Certification can help you with an affirmation story.  The affirmation story is your goals in your words creating the vision of your ideal future.  This is the most powerful tool in the coaching arsenal for moving past limited thinking. Creating mantras and affirmations and posting them where they are visible is another powerful way to start creating the affirming self-talk.  Writing, saying, reading, recording, and listening to personalized affirmations makes them a powerful option for choosing your own thinking and wiring your brain the way you want it.

As people, we all fall prey to limited thinking at some point.  A trained coach is your partner to get you back on the road to a growth mindset.


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