Business Development for Coaches

What does it really take to build a coaching business? Google that question and read a few articles and consistently marketing is discussed. Ultimately, how do people hire you as a coach if they can’t find you? How do people find you? If you want to build a business, coaching or other businesses, marketing is a must.

In the last series of blog posts, basics of social media options and tips for coaches focused on one aspect of marketing your coaching services: through social media. Effectively marketing yourself as a coach includes social media, and it includes other strategies.

What are some of the other strategies? Speaking, writing, training, and networking are among the more effective strategies for coaches. When considering how to develop a coaching business, two concerns often shared are: a lack of interest or knowledge for marketing, and fear about the time required.

The difference between successful coaching businesses and coaches that do not build a business is marketing. What are your options to ensure your marketing is effective, as easy as possible, and time efficient? Choose strategies that connect you with your ideal client and implement consistency in your marketing.

Like many of you, marketing is not my favorite thing. Marketing technology makes sense – I find others with the expertise. To best serve coaches interested in building a business, I sought and found an excellent resource and made it available at the best price possible. Because it offers a free trial, I recommend at least taking advantage of the free 15 days to learn. For an excellent listing of marketing strategies, specifics on implementing each strategy, resources for implementation, and a dashboard to manage consistent efforts, visit:

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