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Business Value with Coaching

by guest blogger Mikayla Phan

Given the personal benefits I have experienced, it is a natural outcome that coaching is impactful for me professionally, too.  I currently design websites for small local businesses, as well as design marketing tools for them to promote their business.  While IMG_20130906_174747_110my clients do not necessarily ask me to coach them on a specific business goal, I use coaching tools and techniques all the time in order to determine how I can best utilize my design skills for their business needs.  In the case of a website design, I might spend some time asking my client what their mission is, what types of visions do they have for their business, and I even ask provocative questions when I see a particular marketing tool might not be realistic for their business or budget within their business.

Using coaching tools and techniques in how I work means I provide a higher quality of service and achieve better results.  While clients are unaware when I use coaching, they do know that the results are what they want, and they are in control, as well.  Coaching skills help me professionally because the more I benefit my clients, the more my business grows.

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