Brainstorm Ideas for Your Model

When you begin promoting your coaching services, explaining your methodology with a diagram is helpful both for you and your prospective coachees.

For example, in the Center for Coaching Certification’s Certified Master Coach program, participants create a diagram of their coaching process.  The feedback from participants completing the assignment is that it helped them clarify their process, and the diagram became a tool for use with clients and on their website.

Here are examples to help with your brainstorming:

  • COACH: Collaborate, Opportunities and Options, Actions, Changes, How Now
  • CREATE: Connect, Relationship Plan, Exploration, Action, Take-aways, Enhancements
  • EMPOWER: Engage, Manage, Plan, Options, Wins, Energize, Reflect
  • VISUALIZE: Venture, Insights, Strategies, Utilization, Actions, Learnings, Implementation, Evaluate
  • PROGRESS: Plan, Reinvent, Options, Growth, Renovate, Engage, Strategies, Standardize

Whichever model you use, be sure to verify the copyright and whether it can be used.  If use is allowed, give credit to the source.  For the CCC models and processes and this brainstorm list, you have permission to use these with a reference to the Center for Coaching Certification as your source.

A note: typically materials received in a coach training program are for the use of the person who took the training.  Showing or sharing the coach training materials violates the copyright of the program and the coaching Code of Ethics.  For this reason it is worth checking on what you can use!

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