Coaching for Divergence While Brainstorming

Coaching – GPS for Self-Actualization

How is brainstorming so important to the process of coaching?

Coaching – GPS for Self-Actualization Coaching for Divergence While BrainstormingDivergence is the development in allowing the brain to go in many directions, taking the brain into creativity. Often one reaches to find the “correct answer” so that one passes a test, or to find a known conclusion. According to Nancy Andreasen, a neurologist who studies the brain, creativity is an important portion of the brain which dreams up varied solutions.

As a coach, allowing clients the space and effort to go into their own creative process taps this process. Brainstorming and powerful questions do just that. The more a coach asks powerful questions, the more a client has the opportunity to go into the creative brain function. Because this is not a developed skill in every client, the situation may require the coach to wait a period for answers, allowing a broader spectrum of possibility. If a client continuously has a difficult time with questions, ask the client what will assist with their process.

Coaching Questions for Divergence When Brainstorming:

  • What will it look like?
  • What are the possibilities?
  • In brainstorming ideas, what are you dreaming about?
  • What are some other solutions?
  • Describe different ways of seeing it.
  • What other creative solutions are out there?
  • How will you approach this creatively?
  • Tell me more about it.
  • Let’s brainstorm. Tell me what could be.

The creative process for a client is so vital to the practice of coaching. Giving advice is unethical for coaches. Creating open space for awareness of the client and empowerment gives coaching sessions the opportunity to tap new found recognition and answers within clients.

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