Becoming an Executive Coach: Experience

Becoming an Executive Coach: Experience

People often ask what it takes to be an executive coach.   If the end goal is getting hired as an executive coach, consider what company’s are looking for in a executive coach. According to Harvard Business Review, the top two considerations are experience in a similar setting and having a clear methodology.

The natural progression for experience in a similar setting starts with education, so that there are opportunities for jobs in related areas. The actual experience may be in a specific role or collaborating with someone in that role – direct or indBecoming an Executive Coach: Experienceirect.

  • Direct experience means working in that type of executive role.
  • Indirect experience is experience supporting someone in an executive role such as an HR professional. Additionally, working with high level executives on a Board of Directors, as a vendor, or in a top management position also provides experience.

Another area of experience that may be considered is the industry in which the individual to be coached works. In some cases work in the same industry is sought, and in other cases the experience based on position can be more significant.

Ultimately what matters is the ability of the executive coach to understand the client, their world, and their work – and to very quickly be up to speed with what the client is focused on.

The clear methodology comes from coach training. The next blog post will provide further information about methodology.

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