Achieve and Sustain Excellence in Coaching 16

The key to sustainability is consistency in your marketing and consistency in the quality of your coaching services.  Sometimes coaches fall in to
the trap of frenetic marketing when business is slow and then no marketing when their coaching schedule is full.  Set yourself up to achieve and sustain excellence in coaching with a plan that incorporates consistent marketing.

Create a checklist for yourself that includes consistency.  Based on the strategies in the previous blog post, here is a sample checklist:

  • Update website content monthly.
  • Work on SEO weekly.
  • Publish blogs weekly and other articles at least monthly.
  • Attend a networking event each month.
  • Participate in online discussions weekly.
  • Speak to a professional group monthly.
  • Offer a workshop each quarter.
  • Conduct a webinar or tele-seminar each month.

Schedule 15-30 minutes each work day for your marketing and schedule time for the strategies that require several hours.  Realize that when your schedule is full, consistency matters.  Because coaching clients will work with you for an average of 6-12 months, your consistent marketing means that when one client completes their coaching, another is starting.  Knowing that you have a consistent flow ensures your focus remains on providing quality services for sustained excellence in coaching.

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