Achieve and Sustain Excellence in Coaching 12

Defining your coaching services goes beyond your niche(s).  Potential clients want to know how often they will have coaching sessions and the cost.  Building your client base for sustained excellence in coaching means having answers to the questions prospects ask.

Research what other coaches charge hourly and for coaching packages.  For example, some coaches offer two to four sessions per month and include short calls or emails between sessions.  Some coaches offer short daily calls.  Many coaches require a commitment to a set number of sessions or length of time when starting with a new coaching client.  Decide what package or packages you will offer clients and what is or isn’t included.

The International Coaching Federation published a study on coaching rates and cited a range of $100 per hour to $3500 per hour with a median of $500 per hour.    In deciding your rates, consider your current work and fees, your contact database, and your competition.  Decide whether you will publish your rates on your website or whether that is something you discuss during an inquiry.

Consider whether you want to be flexible with your coaching packages and rates.  On the pro side it means accommodating individual clients.  On the con side it means effectively tracking which client receives what services at what rate.

As you move forward with your coaching packages and rates, re-evaluate regularly to ensure sustained excellence in coaching.

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