32 Action Steps to Start and Market a Coaching Business

Addiction Coaching

After you complete your coaching certification, to start a coaching business complete these steps:

  1. Choose a Name (Personal Name or Business Name)
  2. Define Your Coaching Niche
  3. Describe Your Ideal Client:
  4. Write Your Mission Statement
  5. Write Your Vision Statement
  6. Ethics – plan how provided to clients and where promoted
  7. Define Your Core Values
  8. Decide the Type of Legal Ownership and Complete the Registration
  9. Decide on Insurance and Obtain
  10. Set-up/Organize Office and Filing System
  11. Define Your Goals:
    1. Income
    2. Number of Coaching Clients
    3. Ancillary Income
  12. Develop Your Budget
  13. Create Your Business Plan
  14. Create Your Marketing Plan
  15. Choose Your Colors, Theme, Look Description
  16. Get or Design Your Logo
  17. Create Your Marketing Message
  18. Design and Print Business Cards
  19. Develop a Website
    1. Choose Service, Buy Domain Name
    2. Choose Template or Hire Designer
    3. Write Content
    4. Create Draft
    5. Get Feedback and Make Changes
    6. Finalize and Publish
  20. Design Brochures and/or Flyers
  21. Develop Contact Database
  22. Create/Finalize Forms
  23. Set-up Blog
  24. Write Article(s) and Submit to Other Blogs or Newsletters
  25. Publish: in a book, a full book, white paper, manual
  26. Develop 20 to 30-minute Speech
  27. Develop 1-hour Workshop(s)
  28. Develop 3 to 6-hour Seminar(s)
  29. Speak or Train
  30. Create Your Plan for Product Development and Promotion
  31. Choose Online and/or Local Networking Groups and Join
  32. Create Your Calendar Include: Phone Calls, Emails, Letters, Distributing Flyers or Brochures, Online Networking, Local Networking, Blogs and Articles, Seminars and Workshops, Speeches, etc.

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