Coaching Program Resources for Organizations

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Coaching Program Resources for Organizations

The Center for Coaching Solutions is dedicated to being the resource for coaching results and that includes offering individual coaching, group coaching, team coaching, coach training, and coaching program support.

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Individual Coaching

  • With over 1200 coach graduates all over the world all levels of expertise and experience are available
  • Coaches are matched based on your objectives
  • Decide how many coaches you want to consider

Team or Group Coaching

  • Brainstorm with peers, collaborate with colleagues, explore specific topics with experts.
  • Team or Group Coaching is organized based on your objectives.  Contact us to explore the possibilities.

According to Public Personnel Management, training alone provides a 22% improvement in productivity while training plus coaching provides an 88% improvement.

Coach Training, Certification, or Credentialing

  • Train-the-trainer in a regularly scheduled program
  • On-site training by one of our experts
  • Comprehensive training program package including a facilitator's guide, PowerPoints, and participant workbooks
  • Learning Management System training on coaching skills for leaders
  • Consulting or coaching services for your team

Internal Coaching Program Support

Consider the Center for Coaching Solutions a resource offering tools, access to information, consulting, and coaching services.


  • An off-the-shelf training program, "Coaching Skills for Leaders" comes complete with Facilitator Guide, PowerPoint, a facilitator script, Participant Workbooks, and a 360 Assessment of Coaching Skills based on the ICF's Core Competencies from the International Coaching Federation
  • Train your team through an on-site or off-site program
  • Train your trainer through a regularly scheduled program
  • Provide your team with access to an independent learning programs on Coaching Skills for Leaders
  • Request a consultant or a coach to support your program planning and implementation

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