Why hire a Coach?

Why hire a coach?

Because the rate for a coach ranges from $100 per hour to $3,500 per hour, professionals outside of the top income levels wonder if it is worth the cost. People are busy today – who has time for a coach anyway? Why hire a coach?

Consider these possibilities:
1. Wayne is looking for a job. He has heard about a good coach, and calls to ask about their rates. Because he is not currently working, he hesitates to spend the money. In this economy, he is competing with hundreds of others each time he submits a resume. Six months later, Wayne is still looking for a job, and finally decides to ‘bite the bullet’ and hire a coach. The coach asks him about goals, discusses his resume and provides perspective, strategizes networking for job possibilities, practices interviewing with him, and supports him to be very specific with coaching his action plan. In thirty days, Wayne is working.

2. Mary is interested in a promotion at work. A colleague recommends coaching, and Mary hesitates to explore that possibility. In two months, Mary learns she has been passed over for the promotion. Mary’s supervisor asks her if she has ever thought about coaching, so Mary decides to go ahead. She receives a recommendation and hires a coach. With the coach, Mary explores her strengths and weaknesses on the job, considers what is needed to earn a promotion, lists barriers, and creates a plan to move past her barriers and build her skills. After nine months, there is another opportunity at work, and this time Mary is promoted.

Would you recommend coaching for them or for yourself?

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