When is your time?

When is your time?

As with so many coachees, for coaches it is also easy to forget about self-care.  After all, you are likely focused on learning your craft, building your business, serving your clients, plus balancing family and more.  So, when is your time?

During coaching certification, learning the competencies and ethics included becoming aware of the significance of how we show up as coach.  Specifically, the coaching competencies call on us to be present.  The Code of Ethics calls on us to recognize our own ability to serve the client.  This all points to ensuring there is time for self-care. When is your time?

During busy times at work, with family, and through the holidays it is often a bigger challenge to ensure time for one’s self.  It is also essential for our well-being, that of our families, and for our clients that we as coaches take care of ourselves.

When is your time?  Here are a few ideas to help be intentional with self-care:

  • Start each day with exercise, mediation, or journaling.
  • Schedule appointments with yourself in your calendar so the time is reserved.
  • Include others in your self-care by exercising, cooking, or doing other activities you enjoy together.
  • Take energy time-outs during the day.
  • Balance how much you commit to including the work involved with family and holidays.
  • End each day with time to relax reading, being outdoors, or watching a movie.

So, coach, coach yourself using what you learned during coach training.  Design your actions and manage your accountability to yourself.  Remember, time for you is ultimately serving others too.


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