What Does It Mean To Be Present For A Client?

What Does It Mean To Be Present For A Client?

What Does It Mean To Be Present For A Client?

It means to be in the now. So what exactly does that mean? A coach focusing upon a client’s verbiage, the choice of expression, the tone of voice, and understanding a client’s perspective is the basis for a coaching relationship. Reflecting back a client’s words, values, and perceptions is being present and builds rapport, one of the most valuable parts in a coaching relationship.

Comprehending how you listen as a coach takes time to learn. As focus deepens, it may magnify personal habits which inhibit clear understanding. For example, noticing if there is a tendency to find a reply prior to the client finishing a statement is a clear indicator that one is not completely staying focused on the client’s words.

What Does It Mean To Be Present For A Client?Finding a tool which brings back attention to client centeredness is a fabulous instrument for each coach to encompass. Consider some personal check-ins that will work in terms of bringing the focal point into present listening. Perhaps it is as simple as a check-in like rubbing your thumb across the tips of your fingers as a reminder, pressing your shoes to connect to the floor, or slightly rolling shoulders back. Having some personal action that reinstates the centering upon communication between you and a client is an excellent way to keep the coaching in deep listening mode.

Active listening, powerful questions, and direct communication all come from being present with each client.

Example Questions:

  • What is your present experience?
  • How do you want to focus the coaching session?
  • How will you measure success now?
  • Update me upon what is happening since we last spoke.
  • What is your vision for this project today?
  • What does accomplishment look like in this moment?

Being present is an International Coaching Federation competency because presence is a vital part of communicating effectively with clients.


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