What are your Client’s Influencing Factors?

What are your Client’s Influencing Factors?

Whether engaging with a new coaching client or continuing with an existing client, there are influencing factors at play.  Influencing factors impact options, decisions, and follow-through.  Sometimes the influencer is time or money, other times it may be physical health, relationships, culture, diversity and inclusion, trauma, conflict, spirituality, mental health, and/or more. What are your Client’s Influencing Factors?

As a coach, how do you effectively create awareness of the influencing factors for the client?  How do you become aware of yourself so you can effectively support your client?

To start, get to know your client.  There are multiple options:

  • Plan a “get to know you” session.
  • Ask your client to share their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles so you can get to know them.
  • Assessments
  • Create your own cultural bio and invite them to also.

Then, to discover influencing factors, additional steps may include:

  • A big-picture exploration of what they want in all areas of their life.
  • Listening deeply to what is and is not said.
  • Observation of their responses.
  • Inquiry when there seems to be more to what they are saying.
  • A survey or self-evaluation of influencers.

Simply being aware that there are influencing factors for everyone seems a basic concept and at the same time is often forgotten or overlooked.  Be intentional with your awareness and supporting client awareness.

How do these options fit in the coaching process?  An introductory session is a “get to know you” opportunity.  Social media profiles can be shared then.  Assessments are a tool all of the Center for Coaching Certification graduates have available and use when it serves the client.  A cultural bio is smart for coaches to include on their website and can be discussed with clients.  The big-picture exploration, listening deeply, observation, and inquiry are taught during coaching certification.  A survey or self-evaluation of influencers is an example of a tool the coach and client can co-create.

The coaching process and awareness of influencers support client success.


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