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What about all the different coaching models?

There are many names for the various coaching models and it is confusing:

  • Ontological Coaching
  • NLP Coaching
  • Habits Coaching
  • Co-Active Coaching
  • GROW
  • Resilience Coaching
  • … and more!

Sometimes people looking for coach training learn about one and then seek options specifically in that model, even when they don’t necessarily know what it means. Some of the models are becoming even when they are not necessarily coaching nor aligned with a bigger coaching organization like the International Coach Federation.

There are pros and cons to a specific model or process.

What about all the different coaching models?

What about all the different coaching models?


  • A way to explain services
  • Insight for how the coaching relationship works
  • Common understanding
  • Direction in preparing for coaching
  • A roadmap to follow when coaching
  • The coach develops expertise over time with a model or process
  • When a coachee hires a coach, according to Harvard Business Review, they care most about experience in a similar setting and a clear methodology


  • Specifics can create boundaries or limitations
  • Staying with one model or process can limit thinking
  • The model or process used may be less effective for any one coachee
  • Staying with one model or process can create a routine or habit that becomes rote

The main reason for so many models is copyright law followed by inspiration of the creator and what resonates for others.

Some coaching certification programs advocate a specific model and others advocate exploring multiple models and choosing which is appropriate for the client.

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