Coaching Client Priority: Confidence


Continuing from the previous blog, the client and I talked about different approaches to coaching including an option of exploring what she wanted and then focusing on building her confidence.  This option is taught in the Certified Professional Coach program and was explored with the client. After reviewing options, the client made her choice and the coaching started. COACHING CLIENT PRIORITY: CONFIDENCE

During the opening session as Katrina explored what she wanted, she used self-limiting language.  She doubted her ability to achieve all she wanted.  Katrina, like so many of us have been, was at a time in her life where her confidence was low.  Because of this, we explored creating a tool to support her confidence, create a sense of positive and proactive empowerment, and keep her focused on moving toward her goals.

The tool used for Katrina was her affirmation story.  This means her story in the present tense describing her being on track for achieving her goals.  The story used Katrina’s positive and proactive language (consistently asked for throughout the opening session) and her specific goals.  We scheduled time for Katrina to hear her story read to her as a guided visualization exercise.  Katrina shared that the first time she listened she was resistant to it becoming real. After hearing it multiple times she said she began accepting the possibility.  The story is now a tool for Katrina to use independently to support her focus and motivation.  An additional benefit for Katrina is that her story builds her confidence because it positively describes her creating her future.

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