Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

What is Unconscious Bias?  Biases that we are unaware of because they live in the subconscious. Unconscious Bias

How do I know if I have unconscious bias?  Every human being has unconscious biases.  It is more a matter of uncovering them than whether they exist.

How can I uncover my unconscious bias?  There are many assessments tools online – one is found at https://edib.harvard.edu/implicit-association-test-iat.  There are also many self-reflective activities you can do for your own awareness.  For example:

  • Journal about someone you meet. After six months journal about them again.  Compare the two journal entries to see what assumptions you had initially that are different now.
  • When you meet someone that is different or even uncomfortable for you, imagine how other people in their life might perceive them.
  • Be interested and curious about others and invite them to share about themselves. Respect and appreciate what they are willing to share.

How can a coach help me?  A coach is an amazing partner that will ask you questions to support your thinking.  A coach can help you review your own assessments and then help you choose what to do with what you learned.  A coach is a partner for designing your own self-reflective activities and then to debrief them for insights, learning, and application.

Now the tough question: is it worth the time and energy?  Easy for others to tell you yes and more of a challenge to reflect for yourself.  So, consider this: what kind of a person do you want to be?  What are the benefits of living with your biases?  What are the benefits of becoming aware of your biases and changing your thinking?  And, ultimately, how committed are you to doing the right thing?


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