Coaching Outcome

A client began the coaching process unsure of how it really worked.  The coaching was paid for by their employer because of the leadership role they had in management.  The client wanted to know about confidentiality and the coaching process.  Within a few minutes the client gained confidence because the Code of Ethics addressed their concerns that the flow of the coaching sessions made sense.

In the first coaching session, the client was given the time and space to explore what they wanted in their career and life.  Coaching with short, simple questions meant the client openly talked about important goals and desired achievements.  After a full conversation the client shared that they felt motivated and excited about achieving their goals.

To achieve their goals, the client wanted to change some of their habits and develop a clear focus.  In the second coaching session a tool to support developing new habits and keep on track was provided.  The client said this tool supported their own belief in their goals.

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