Diversity and 5 Things to Do

Diversity and Equity in Coaching

Diversity is a currently a hot topic – over time it seems to ebb and flow in terms of public attention.  Whether the focus is high or not, each of us has a choice every day as to whether and how we support diversity.  Some understand the value of choosing to support and honor diversity and others are unaware.  The reality is that diversity is a value add for every one of us!  How so?  Think about it – it means we are open, learn different perspectives, have a wider circle of friends and colleagues, experience more cultures, and bottom line: it is doing the right thing.   Diversity and Equity in Coaching

We may wonder if any one of us can make a difference individually and the truth is that yes, each person makes a difference.  We influence others and impact others.

How can we be open to, support, and honor diversity?

  1. Start with self-reflection. What do you know?  What don’t you know?  What are your assumptions?  What are the truths to your assumptions?  Expand on this with the bias inventories.
  2. Learn about the impact of bias and prejudice.  Learn about other people and what they experience.
  3. Review your personal and professional presence. How do you present yourself?  Do you convey openness, or do you convey bias?  Consider your social media profile, your website, and your conversations.
  4. Choose what and how to change. Decide what you want to change in terms of what you say and how you say it.  Decide what images you want to use in your social media and on your website.
  5. Open doors. Be intentional about supporting diversity.  Increase access for others through financial support or volunteering.  Find ways to create opportunities for others.

In the world of coaching our competencies and ethics call on us to support and honor.  Additionally, #28 in the Code of Ethics calls on us to proactively do good.  Diversity is an opportunity for doing good!


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