The Ultimate Guide to Coaching Presence

A group of ladies are sitting round a table and talking
A group of ladies are sitting round a table and talking
The Ultimate Guide to Coaching Presence

The International Coaching Federation defines the competency of Maintains Presence as, “Is fully conscious and present with the client, employing a style that is open, flexible, grounded and confident.”

Guide to Develop Coaching Presence
1.     Learn and develop coaching competencies.
2.     Learn and embody coaching ethics.
3.     Take care of yourself.
4.     Develop or maintain the appropriate level of confidence.
5.     Schedule coaching sessions for times you will be fresh and focused.
6.     Arrange your workspace for privacy, quiet, and comfort.
7.     Be open, curious, and flexible.
8.     Ensure you clear your mind of everything other than your client.

Being a coach starts with accredited coach training.  In a quality program you develop competency as well as the unique nature of coaching ethics.

The definition for presence starts with being fully conscious and present.  How can you, as coach, prepare to be fully conscious and present?  It starts well in advance with self-care.  By taking care of yourself, you are physically, mentally, and emotionally available.

Develop your emotional intelligence, your ability to recognize and manage your own emotions as well as those of your client.  Ensure you have or build an appropriate level of confidence – quality coach training will support you developing your confidence.

Consider the timing of your coaching sessions – schedule at a time of day when you will be fresh and focused.  Set up your workspace for comfort, quiet, and privacy.

Being open and flexible is built on having a coaching mindset.  This means recognizing your client is capable and they are the ones that will explore, discover, decide, and plan.  The coach’s role is to partner for the exploration of their chosen focus.

Grounded and confident includes being confident with who you are as coach, in the coaching process, and with your client’s ability to figure out their own strategies and achieve their objectives.

Coaching Presence may seem simple, or it can be unclear.  It is about showing up completely and staying focused on the client.  It is a responsibility for each of us when coaching.

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