The Respect of Being Clear and Direct

The Respect of Being Clear and Direct

By Cathy Liska

How often is miscommunication or misunderstanding creating challenges?  How often have you wondered what someone means with their long explanation?  How often have you wanted them to hurry up and get to the point?  How often do others react the same way with something you are saying?

It is ironic that we have been taught to soften what is said.  Sometimes we say “we” when it is really “you or I”.  This can be quite patronizing.  Sometimes we are figuring out what we want to say while we are talking and this is confusing.  Sometimes we explain what we are saying or asking only to find that now it is harder to understand.

During coach training, one of the competencies developed is being clear and direct.  By shortly simply saying what we mean, we are easier to understand and the conversation flows easily.  In coaching conversations, it is the responsibility of the coach to listen, shortly and simply summarize what the client said, then ask a short, simple question.  The less the coach says the more the client hears.

Imagine taking this skill developed in coaching certification to everyday conversations at work, home, and with friends.  Conversations immediately become easier, more natural, more effective, and it serves everyone involved

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