Ethics Support Sensitivity in Coaching Relationships

55by guest blogger Mikayla Phan

A Code of Ethics is an important tool in the beginning of the client/coach relationship to provide a clear description of individual and social moral codes, as well as a Code of Conduct.  Diversity within the human race means that we all may have a different set of moral codes in which we believe and follow.  For this, it is vital for a certain set of moral codes to be specified and clearly understood between client and coach in case any could be in question.

Additionally, we live in a society where we not only have diversity among our species, but also among our cultures on a global scale.  Consequently, a Code of Ethics could provide a bridge between different cultural practices, such as the tradition of gift giving. In more grave instances, there might be cultural areas of a different sensitivity. For example, in many East Asian cultures women’s rights or ADHD are not recognized, and the client may feel especially shy or distrustful, and/or the sponsor or family members of the client may not feel there is a reason coaching at all.  Having a Code of Ethics very clearly defines and explains that coaching is all about the client, which means the client prioritizes his/her own focus, as well as the client is empowered to discover and choose his/her own path.  This is the very kind of bridge appropriate to establish trust from the beginning of the coaching relationship.

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