The When of What? When? How?

The What of What? When? How?

When will we begin to understand?

While many of us wish we had the ability to change history, what we can focus on now is the present and the future.  Awareness is increasing.  Understanding is growing.  Now is when we can continue that trend and support change. The What of What? When? How?

Coaches partner for understanding.

  • What is your understanding of the history of racism?
  • How does the history of racism impact you today?
  • What do you want to do with your understanding?
  • Where do you want to engage in the conversation?
  • When do you want to choose not to engage?
  • How will you take care of yourself?

When will we insist on change?

The risk now is of going back to old ways of thinking and doing.  With awareness and understanding, we must insist on change.  It is morally and ethically clear that what has been is wrong and what will be must be different.

Coaches partner to strategize change.

  • Where do you want to get involved in change?
  • How do you want to be involved?
  • How will you approach your involvement?
  • How will you balance your involvement with your self-care?

When will we start creating change?

From the present forward is what we can control.  Now is when we insist on creating change.  Change can be individual, and change can be collective.  What change do we want?  Systemic change and individual change.

Coaches partner to create change.

  • What is the change you want to see?
  • What else do you want to see changed?
  • How do you feel about the possibilities?
  • How do you see yourself engaging in change?
  • When do you want to engage?
  • Where do you want to engage in change?
  • How committed are you to change now?
  • How committed are you to staying engaged in creating change?

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