The Benefits of Coaching for Grantmakers

Luisa Taveras

Luisa Taverasby Luisa Taveras

A career in philanthropy can be very rewarding; after all, your job is to give away other people’s money to promote the welfare of people.  While seemingly simple, investing for the greater good is intricate.  Good grant making requires issue expertise, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, strong interpersonal skills, and comfort saying “no” – even to good causes or former colleagues.

A skilled professional coach is also dedicated to supporting and promoting the welfare of others – namely their clients.  An effective grant maker is a critical friend, trusted thought-partner, and advocate.  Similarly, a good professional coach is a strategic partner that supports, guides, and empowers clients to fulfill their personal or professional mission.

While money facilitates the work of grant makers, it is the people within the organizations that make social change happen.  Adding professional coaching to your professional development or grantmaking strategy is a powerful tool for advancing transformational change in individuals, organizations, and in society.

The coaching profession offers a variety of niches from executive and leadership coaching to career development, and other skills building support for improved public speaking, writing, professional growth, and capacity building in mission driven fields.  Moreover, a professional coach can be a key ally in helping grant makers successfully navigate the technical, emotional, and intangible aspects of the job.

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