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Book Review of Promotion Protocol by Kim Nugent

Promotion Protocol

This book addresses the realities of earning a promotion in the workplace today.

Summary – The chapters of the book include:

  • My Story
  • The Reality of the Workplace Today
  • Ever Wonder Why You are Not Getting Promoted?
  • What is your Motivation for a Promotion?
  • Characteristics of High Potential Candidates
  • Keys to Being Promoted – Survey Said
  • The Solution
  • Getting to Know You Guide
  • Self-Assessment Inventory Instructions
  • Self-Assessment Inventory
  • A is for Attitude
  • B is for Brand
  • C is for Communication
  • D is for Depth 8
  • E is for Energy
  • F is for Focus
  • G is for Gratitude
  • H is for Habits
  • I is for Integrity
  • J is for Jaded
  • K is for Knowledgeable
  • L is for Life-long Learner
  • M is for Mindset
  • N is for Network
  • O is for Opportunity
  • P is for Problem Solver
  • Q is for Question
  • R is for Responsibility
  • S is for Self-Awareness
  • T is for Thank You
  • U is for Unique
  • V is for Vision 9
  • W is for White Lies
  • X is for X-Factor
  • Y is for Yearning
  • Z is for Zone

The Good:

Excellent read!  A great tool for empowering success.

  • If you want a promotion this will help you develop the strategies.
  • If you promote others, this will provide valuable insight on doing it effectively.
  • If you coach, this is both insight to inform questions and a resource to share.

The Bad:

It does put you in charge of doing the work so that means putting in time, energy, thought, and effort.


If you are seeking a promotion, responsible for promoting others, coaching leaders or high potentials, or career coaching, this is a must read.

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