Strategy for Moving Forward

Strategy for Moving Forward

If someone is given a strategy to implement in their work or life, chances are the usefulness is limited.  Coaching is a process so that the client develops their own strategy. In the process of creating a strategy, the coach asks the client about their actual and anticipated barriers, and how to move past each.  The coach takes the time to ask for and note the action steps so that the client is prepared to continue moving forward. Strategy for Moving Forward

The coach asks about resources to move forward. Resources include skills, tools, people, and logistics.  By listing the resources available and desired, the client is empowered to tap the resources and feels confident about the possibilities.  By exploring the resources desired, the strategy includes acquiring what it takes to make outcome goals happen effectively.

The coach partners with the client to create a strategy by asking for specific, measurable action steps to achieve their goals. The coach asks the client when they will complete each action step.

After an initial, broad exploration, a coaching session generally focuses on two to six goals, depending on the complexity of the goals.  The action steps are primarily planned for the time between coaching sessions.  The coach will ask the client how they are doing, what is working, what is not working, and to create the next list of action steps.  This process is taught and practiced during coaching certification.

With the coach as a strategy partner, the client is developing a skill for exploring, choosing top priorities, planning specific action steps, evaluating progress, and continuing the forward focus.


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