Second Priority: Being Intentional About Career

Being Intentional About Career

After Katrina had her big picture developed through the process described in the previous blog and taught during coach training, she wanted to move forward with her focus on career.  She knew she wanted a job that gave her time for other things too. She was still working through exactly what type of job she wanted to pursue. Being Intentional About Career

In talking possible approaches with Katrina, she decided she wanted to start by working through what she liked doing at work, her skills, and job possibilities.  We discussed co-creating lists for ranking or defining, utilizing a series of questions on changing or choosing a career, and the Guide from the Side® game (from the coach login page for coach training graduates) that included choosing and defining values, plus prioritizing relationships, time, money, and goals.  Another approach is utilizing online resources such as as part of the career search strategy.

An additional tool explored is assessments. Assessments are validated instruments available in a variety of areas.  For example, there are assessments that identify behavior style, motivational style, thinking style, Emotional IQ, and learning styles as well as areas for professional growth.  In addition to a deeper awareness, assessments can provide insight on strengths or areas to develop.  All coaching certification graduates at the Center for Coaching Certification are provided a dashboard for giving the most popular assessments at wholesale.  This meant offering a variety of assessment options affordably for Katrina was easy.  In the next blog we will cover how to coach a client who takes an assessment.


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