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Review: Managing Talent Retention – Good read for Coaches

– An ROI Approach by Jack J. Phillips and Lisa Edwards provides excellent perspective for professional coaches.

The Good:

The book works through a broad range of considerations for talent retention including:
* Why it matters
* Why it is a problem worth addressing
* How to determine costs when losing talent and for a retention process
* Defining the cause of talent loss

* Options for retaining talent
* Motivation and commitment
* Calculating ROI

As a coach, you may be working with a client that is involved with talent retention. Bottom line, if your client has any level of management responsibility in a company they are part of the talent retention issue. How much the coaching client understands about the issue varies and as a coach your understanding of possibilities prepares you to serve as a sounding board and as a reality check.

A different possibility is that you are coaching a client who is making a career move. When the client is researching different companies, knowing about their talent retention provides excellent perspective. As a coach, this book affords you the opportunity to formulate questions so that your client prioritizes how they approach different opportunities.

The Bad:

* It is a lengthy read.

Bonus thoughts:

* The calculation of ROI provides perspective for calculating the ROI of other programs, such as coaching.
* The book does refer to coaching and includes a case study of a pilot program offering coaching to new hires.

Conclusion: The book provides good information and perspective, and I benefitted by reading it so of course I recommend it!

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