The Art of Preparing

Beth Donovan

by Beth Donovan – Donovan

In coaching, we take time with our clients to dance in a creative moment together as partners.  No step is choreographed, and the dance is art. 

Preparing for coaching sessions is like preparing to write.  I love writing poetry because for a few minutes I am immersed in the creative world of that moment of expression.  I am taking emotions and making them into art.

For coaching, I want to feel like I am in that creative space.  I light candles, spray the room with essential oil mist, play soft spa music or nature sounds, and get into the present moment by being and feeling.

My clients are encouraged to be in a space where they are open, ready, and free to express.  What and where they do to prepare is up to them.

This preparation on both of our parts helps us to come together in the coaching sessions grounded and in the present moment.  We are mindful.  This is a fabulous space for a coach to listen actively and for the client to express.  

For that time you are with the client, as in writing poetry, you are creating art with emotion and the exploration of being and doing.  Enjoy the process.


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